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Viral trends and challenges that occasionally arise on social media are always fun to see. Regardless of the specifics, they bring people together and motivate them to express themselves. But such Internet phenomena become even more exciting when gaming becomes part of the equation. Wordle is an online puzzle that has taken Twitter by storm. The goal is to guess a 5-letter word once a day through trial and error. Due to the mechanics, the task is more difficult than it may initially seem. What makes this particular title stand out from countless competitors? To tackle this question, let’s take a closer look and highlight its most admirable qualities.

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Wordle is a deceivingly simple game

At first glance, the process is very reminiscent of a popular pastime called Hangman. The player has to guess the secret term by filling in the blanks. Failing to devise a solution in the given number of tries means defeat. However, upon closer examination, this title’s unique features become apparent. The list of qualities that set it apart includes:

  • Accessibility. Joining the fanbase is as easy as opening the official website. The app runs directly in the browser without installation. There is no need to register or install any plugins.
  • Original spin on the formula. Each participant has only 6 attempts per day. Moreover, each submission has to be an actual existing word. Completing the mission relies not just on luck but also on deductive skills.
  • Cool sharing function. Users can easily show their progress without revealing any spoilers. Go to the Stats at the top of the screen and press the appropriate icon. Paste the clipboard contents and post them wherever convenient. The result will represent that specific round using the appropriately colored square emojis.

A description alone doesn’t do this game justice. The best way to understand the appeal is to check it out.

Wordle stream game play:

How to play Wordle

Although achieving victory is quite tricky, the gameplay is fairly straightforward. Here’s how it goes:

  • The board consists of 30 overturned tiles
  • The contestant’s job is to identify the right combination of symbols
  • Type in a submission using the virtual keyboard and hit Enter to see the outcome
  • Grey means that the letter is not present. Yellow indicates that it’s in the wrong spot. Green signifies that both the character and the placement are correct.
  • Analyze the feedback to determine the possible answer and retry.

Only the smartest gamers can accomplish the objective quickly. In the event of failure, try again the next day. But upon finally reaching success, don’t hesitate to boast about it to friends and family.

Wordle screenshots:

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